These are the flightlogs, one page per day, for all of my rocket flights, most recent first.

2001-08-04 Ocotillo Club Launch, DT & GPARS, SkyDream's Last Flight, Arreaux Dual Launch
2001-07-21 LDRS XX!! Lucerne Dry Lake, CA, sponsered by LTR and ROC. Lots of great rockets, DT and GPARS first flights, new personal altitude and motor high water marks.
2001-05-06 Ocotillo Club Launch
2001-04-28 SARA (Southern Arizona Rocket Assoc) Club Launch, AVRA Valley, Tucson, AZ
2001-04-07 & 08 Ocotillo Club Launch, Level 2 Certification!
2001-03-25 DART Launch, Fiesta Island
2001-03-23 Intuit Team Launch Fiesta Island
2001-03-18 SpringFest 2001, Day 2 SkyDream's First Flight, Level One Certification!
2001-03-17 SpringFest 2001, Day 1 El Dorado Dry Lake, NV
2001-02-17 Ocotillo (SR71's First Flight, SPRS Works!)
2001-02-11 SPRS's First Flight
2001-02-10 Fiesta Island (Arreaux & OhBaby)
2001-02-04 Oh Baby's First Flight
2001-01-27 Fiesta Island (Arreaux)