Flight Log - Ocotillo Club Launch (San Diego Tripoli)

After flying last weekend in Tucson I had some pent up desire to fly SkyDream again. I had a gig Friday night, couldn't make the launch on Saturday, had some friends over for a Jam on Saturday, and so was kinda late getting out to the site at about 10:45 on Sunday.

Not a lot to say. The weather was great. Warm (in the 80's) and hardly any wind. I flew two times, saw Andy fly the "flaming pyramid of death" and saw a few flights from fellow Dart member Bill, including his Honest John. I hung out for a little bit to help clean up, and then it was the 1.5 hour drive back to San Diego. Its hard to explain, but it was worth 3 hours of driving for the opportunity to get to fly the bigger motors again! See the links below for movies of my two flights.

Flight #1
SkyDream #5 on an I211-M

As soon as I arrived I started prepping the I211. It flew nice and smooth, beeping out 2599' on this flight. You can click here to see a 1.9MByte MPG movie of this flight (with sound and titles!)

Flight #2
SkyDream #6 on a J90-L

I hand cut the delay by eye-ball, but I'm pretty sure it was exactly 3/16" :-) The six seconds must have been about right, as there was no damage of any kind after SkyDream's sixth flight. The altimeter beeped out 3599' which is a little better than my simulation of 3205. You can click here to see a 2.8MByte MPG movie of this flight (with sound and titles!)