Flight Log - SARA Club Launch, Avra Valley ModelPlex, Tucson, AZ

Click here to see a 1.9MByte movie taken from the Arreaux on my eighth flight of the day

I really wanted my Sister and her boyfriend to get a chance to see my rockets (while they were still in one piece!) so I decided to drive out to Tucson and show them to her at a SARA (Southern Arizona Rocketry Association) club launch.

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures as I was very busy prepping rockets. Though we got there late-ish (around 9:00 am), I still had the most flights of the day with 9! And much as I would have liked to fly SkyDream, it was only a notification launch, so they didn't get a chance to see the big one fly. Perhaps another day :-)

It was very nice .. little wind, warm and clear .. when we arrived. The SARA folks have a really class act going. A nice flight line, reliable controllers, RSO ... they even had lemon-ade for the participants! Some folks flew some really nice rockets including a video downlink and a scratch built rocket-glider. I think there was a motor vendor there, but I came adequately prepared, so didn't need to get any motors.

I flew all the rockets I could, including the EggBeater. Sis liked it all, as did Dano. There were many whoops and cheers as everyone flew their rockets.

We all had a good time and I look forward to my next opportunity to fly with the SARA folks!

Flight# Rocket Engine Notes
1 Oh Baby   #15 E30-4 Nice low and slow flight to about 300 ft
2 Arreaux   #21 F50-6 Didnt throw the switch so there was no movie.
Lots of weather-cocking.
Approx 1400 ft.
3 "EggBeater"   #2 G80-4 Surprisingly nice flight for this ugly duckling.
G80-4 is just about right
Approx 750 ft.
4 Oh Baby   #16 E30-4 Failed to open on eject
tho the charge did fire.
Ballistic into the ground from approx 350 ft.
Oh-Baby *may* have seen her last flight!
oh well :-)
5 SPRS   #11 G38-7 Nice boost & ejection.
Booster landed approx 150 ft downrange
Had nominal control. Kept it pointed at flight line
Landed about 45 feet away on other side of fence.
6 Arreaux   #22 G40-10 No movie again!
the usual flight profile
7 SR71   #3 E15-P This was the last flight for the SR71. Came off of boost nicely at about 600 feet, did one or two turns and seemed to have control of it when it fell off the right wing moving left to right in front of me. Crashed into the ground at about a 45' angle. Might of been recoverable, but I dont like it anymore! so I just ripped the radio and guts out of it to use in other projects. Say goodnight Gracy!.
8 Arreaux   #23 G40-10 Generally the same flight profile, but this time I finally got a movie! Click here to see a 1.9MByte movie taken from the Arreaux on this flight.
9 "EggBeater"   #3 G80-4 Last flight of the day. With a little rod adjustment, the EggBeater flew nicely to about 800 ft and landed within 20 ft of the flight line :-)