Flight Log - Fiesta Island

A pretty uneventful day for me. Tried to fly four gizmos, none worked, but at least I didn't lose any rockets. It was beautiful and sunny (70) with hardly any wind at 10:00 a.m.

Lots of folks had good flights. Not a lot else to say. Thanks again, as always, to Andy and DART.

Flight #1 - SPRS #9 (F25-6W)

Tried to demo SPRS for the Dart folks, but it didnt work. It flew to about 1000 ft, but overangled, landed just inside the eastern edge of the launch area. Looks like the cords were fouled around the pully and battery holder.

Flight #2 - SPRS #10 (E30-4T)

Tried to demo SPRS again on a low/slow flight. 400 ft. Parachute fouled on way down. Maybe next time.

Flight #3 - Arreaux #19 (G40-10W)

Got everybody's attention for a potential movie-from-liftoff.
Flew to over 1500 ft, but camera didnt work.

Flight #4 - Arreaux #20 (E30-4T)

One more try low and slow to 500 ft. Took my time arming it, but it didn't work again. I'm going to have to redesign the triggering mechanism. Oh well.