Flight Log - Oh Baby's First Flight

A beautiful Sunday morning! There is a very slight (less than 3 mph) breeze from the West. Clear skies with a few puffy white clouds. A definite success for Oh Baby!

Flight #1 - Oh Baby #1 (D12-3)

I set Oh Baby up for her first flight. Using the good-old Red parachute (that I sewed together for the Arreaux). It lifted off quite nicely, acheiving approximately 250-300 feet, deployed the parachute and came down perfectly.

Flight #2 - Oh Baby #2 (D12-3)

The second flight was pretty much the same as the first. Perfect!

Flight #3 - Oh Baby #3 (D12-3)

By the third flight, the wind had picked up a little bit, so the rocket was starting to launch at more of an angle. However I had no problems with recovery and decided to call it a day after three flights.

After three flights, the rocket is still in perfect shape!