My Woodworking Hobby

Everyone likes wood! I don't know anyone who doesn't like wood. Everyone I talk to says "Yeah, I like to do so and so with wood" and seems to have a wood-related hobby of their own. There is some special kinship we feel with fallen trees and the making of things from them. From Christ, the carpenter, to Leanardo DeVinci, to the cabinet maker down the street, to the guy building a deck in his back yard, manipulating wood, even just touching it, seems to evoke some primordial sense in us.

Wood Carvings

In my case, my affair with wood has led me to create a few objects. I started with Carvings. My first carving, Lillies was a gift I made to my father, to express that I too shared the kinship with wood that he, and his father before had (Granpa was a saw-sharpener back in Colorado, amongst other things).


More recently, I have started making wooden Boxes. I find it utterly fascinating to create something that is both functional and nice to look at.

Miscellaneous (Picture Frames & Furniture)

I've also made a few other things that don't fit into the "carving" or "box" categories. I've made a few pieces of furniture, and I like to make picture frames as well. Above, you can see a Spoon Cabinet I made. You can click here or on the picture above to see other Furniture and Picture Frames that I have made.


You can find out more about my carving and box making hobbies by clicking on the pictures above, or on the links below. Should you find yourself interested enough, you might also want to check out my   Workshop or some of the links that I have gathered from the web regarding woodworking.

I hope you enjoy these pages and the objects they celebrate as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

- Pat

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