Spoon Cabinet

Walnut w/plexiglass and brass

A friend had a collection of collectable spoons that her grandmother had given her and had no place to store them or show them off, so I decided to make her this Spoon Cabinet for Christmas.

I decided to use plexiglass rather than glass for the door because it was easier to work with.  I designed the cabinet after looking at available ones on the internet.  All I could find were cheap pine cabinets that were stained to a "walnut or oak" finish. I wanted this to be made out of a real hardwood, so I chose Walnut for its deep color and grain design.

The hardest part was cutting the racks to hold the spoons. At first I just eyeballed the dimensions and built the box, but when I got it all together the holes were too large and the spoons just fell thru !  So in a last minute rush I cut new racks and had it done just in time for Christmas.  I was pretty pleased with the way it came out.