My Workshop

I'm very fortunate indeed to have the room and $$$'s to set up a fairly decent workshop. It occupies a whole car-space in my new 3 car garage.

Craftsman Table Saw (Ryobi BT3000)

I opted to get this Craftsman Table Saw from Sears cuz they gave me a good price. It is exactly the same as the popular Ryobi BT3000. It has a sliding mitre table and a good fence, as well as a lot of other cool features. I got the optional router table extension and have mounted a 2/3 HP Craftsman router (not visible) as well.

I didn't like the steel stand that came with the saw, so I designed and built this table to support it. I wanted one that would have rollers, but be on firm feet when not rolling, so I added this intricate lift system which uses an eccentric cam lever to push a piston down to lift the table.

I also made this cool little box cutting jig from the basic idea I got from this webpage called "Lynn's Box Cutting Jig".

Other Power Tools

I also have a number of other power tools I have accumulated over the years.

I'm really enamored of these following tools. I don't know how I ever survived without a belt sander. It makes all the difference on the box projects.

And the scroll saw was the first of these tools I bought and has worked for many years without fail, including on my first carving, Lillies.


The space has plenty of room to organize a wide variety of materials. I used these plastic drawers to organize every nut, bolt, and screw I had. I even sorted all my various junk nails by size!

I also have a rudimentary vacuum dust-collection system. I even have the space to setup a fairly decent little storage area for raw wood with separate places planks and boards of various types and chunks of exotic woods.

All in all I am very happy with this little workshop !!