Ultimately, this web page is best served by simply letting you hear the music that I have created and recorded, as in the end, it is the music that will speak to you more than anything I might write on this webpage.   Check out Remember Tomorrow by our band Forgotten Space

Music means so many things to me and has been so important in my life that it is difficult to know where to begin.   In many ways music is is the embodiment of spirituality and humanity in my life, particularly as expressed thru my original recordings many of which have been solo efforts written to ward off the lonileness of a particular day, night, or period in my life, to try to explain to myself what was going on, to try to give shape and meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence, and at times, to engage in the very struggle for emotional and spiritual survival.  So music has these inward, spritual meanings for me.

Music is also a very outward going, very complex public kind of thing. From art and artist to the concepts of audience and entertainment, there is this huge continuum of relationships that music has brought into my life, including the bands I've been in.

Through music I have met and been influenced by so many people, that it really is impossible, in the end, for me to separate music from the people I have gotten to make music with.

Then there's the whole technical aspect to creating and recording music which I find fascinating, and which has manisfested itself not only in my original music, but also in the varioius other recordings that I have created throughout the years.

From the physics behind the instruments (how they make sound, why certain sounds fit together into chords, and so on) to music theory (how keys, scales, and phrases work to make music) to the electronic guts of electric guitars, microphones, speakers and tape recorders, and how they work, from quantum mechanics and solid state physics to the transistors that make up the chips and ultimately the logic and architectures of the computers and software that are at the heart of today's music technology, I keep learning more and more.

In doing so, I have even gone so far as to create a small recording studio where, in addition to my own originals and CD's for bands I've been in, I have also produced various professional recordings for bands and artists around San Diego.

So, from playing harmonica and accordian at age 5, to playing trumpet, trombone, and other instruments in junior and high school, from getting my first guitar at 16 and bass at 17, when I started writing songs and the various bands I've been in over the years to Forgotten Space, from my first early solo recording efforts, to my current studio and most recent group efforts, all I can say is that music has brought so much into in my life, has been so interesting and formative in my understanding of myself, spiritually, emotionally, and socially that I cannot sum it up in mere words.   Instead all I can hope is that you'll listen to some of my music and enjoy it !!

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