Remember Tomorrow

b>This is the latest recording by Forgotten Space

In 2003 we went through some songbooks of my old originals written in the late 70's and early 80's looking for songs that had not yet been recorded and which might be fun to play.   Some of these songs, like Mustard Water, were nearly good-to-go, whereas others, like Sunday Dreamer, needed nearly complete rewrites.   To this core we added some other originals that I had written in the last few years and started performing the songs in coffee houses as a 3 piece. After working out the vocals and testing the songs in public, we recorded them with the full band.

This CD is the result

It consists of 11 original songs, was recorded and produced in the winter of 2003-2004 and includes performances by Don Musial on Vocals, Lead and Rythmn Guitar, Ginny West on Vocals, Pat Kingsland on Drums, Mark Johnston on Mandolin, Julius Kuczma on Keyboards, Ted Stern on Violin and Slide Guitar, Jim Sallis on Drums and Incidental Percussion, and me on Lead and Rythmn Guitar, Bass and Flute, and Vocals.