The House - The Studio

By the time my birthday (June 2002) rolled around, I was ready to do the studio.† As I said before, this was no small undertaking.† What I had to start with as an upstairs room at the front of the house.† It had large windows, a very odd gabled roof affair, was always hot due to the fact that it faced the sun, and the walls and floor were barely insulated:† Itís really hard to get a sense of the room from photos, but hereís a couple of "before" photos:

The 1st photo above is facing into the room from the door.† The 2nd photo shows the other side of the room.† These photos were taken before I bought the house, and the previous owner had a pool table in there.

The photo below shows the studio with some of my stuff in it, before I began work. I had put some foam in the window to cut down on the light and heat, but it didnít do much, if anything for sound re-enforcement.

My goal was to bring over 4000 lbs of extra materials into this room and the attic above it to aid in the sound-proofing. The first thing I did was contact a number of heating/cooling companies and get bids on a central air conditioner unit that would cool the studio, my office, and the master bedroom upstairs.† I also contacted various contractors and got estimates from $10K to $80K to have the work done professionally.† I ended up deciding to do it myself.

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