New Trees !! June, 2003

At the same time we undertook the Jacuzzi Project we decided to plant a bunch of trees. The yard was essentially barren when we moved in, and we both decided that some trees, as many as possible in fact, were desired. I wanted to get the trees in the ground as soon after we bought the house as possible, so made it the priority "2nd year" project (after doing a bunch of stuff in the first year, including refurbishing the kitchen, painting the house, replacing toilets, building the music studio and landscaping the front yard).

Below you can see a panorama I put together that also points out each tree name. You can click on the trees or descriptions to get a bigger picture of each tree, or you can click here to view a larger version of the panorama.

Because of the large amount of labor involved, and the fact that I personally wanted to do the Jacuzzi project (which you can see is started in the above picture), I elected to use a contractor to get the trees into the ground. After interviewing a number of Landscapers, we selected a well regarded one here in town. The project also involved the automation of the entire sprinkler system (10 valves), installing a new dedicated sprinkler line to the trees, and cutting drainage holes in the retaining wall for the Avocados. All of the work was accomplished in one week, while I also started the Jacuzzi project.

We also wanted to make sure that we took pictures of the baby trees. So here they are! Eight new trees in one week.