The House - Bathrooms and Garage

In January 2002, I took a week off of work and used the time to rework all of the bathroom plumbing and organize the garage.

As far as the bathrooms go, I replaced all three toilets, recaulked the bathtub, and rebuilt part of a wall in one of the bathrooms.† Later I also replaced most of the towel racks, preferring nice brass ones to the previous wood ones. Here are some before (painting) and after (current) pictures of the downstairs bathroom:

I also used that week to organize the Garage. I tore out some of the cabinetry, organized all of my loose parts into little storage bins (and I mean all of them, down to the last screw and nail, organized by size!). I also had gotten a new band-saw and table saw (which eventually led to my box making hobby).

You can click here to see the resultant workshop.

Finally, for this section of the "The House Story", I replaced 12 windows.† Well, I didnít really replace them, I had a glass company come in and replace them. They were 20 years old, double paned, and many had small cracks or leaks that had led to moisture condensing on the inside of the window. Over the years they had become almost opaque and really didnít look very good.† Especially the main sliding doors downstairs and the window over the kitchen sink. So I had the company come in and replace all of the glass in the windows that showed any damage. I donít have any photos that show the before and after of the windows, but I did want to mention it.

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