The House - The Front Yard

By the middle of 2002, I was getting a real hankering to start working on my studio, but before I did that I decided to re-landscape the front yard (the backyard will be a major project in it’s own right). So, with another week off of work, I set about to rework the front yard. To start with, here’s a picture of the Yard at the beginning:

The goal was to remove 2 inches of the current yard, bring in some good topsoil, roto-till it all, lay down new sod, and create a small planter area in the center of the yard. It doesn’t seem like it would be a lot of work, but you have to understand that the soil in San Diego is mostly rocks and clay. I started out thinking I’d do it all by myself, but after about 1 day of trying to remove the dirt, I hired some guys to help with that part of the process. After they removed the old grass, I brought in the topsoil (in my little Nissan pickup truck), and I roto-tilled it for a good 2 days. BOY WAS I SORE! After laying it off with a roller I was finally ready to lay the sod.

Above are some pictures of me laying the new sod.

It was backbreaking work but the finished front yard is quite a bit nicer now (this is a current photo and the grass is a little brown from winter, but it really is quite a bit nicer):

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