Initially motivated by a work related team-building exercize, I re-discovered the hobby of Model Rockets. I had built Estes rockets as a youngster, and as an adult now have the resources to play more seriously. As of late I have gotten into HPR (High Power Rocketry) and am now certified by Tripoli as a level 2 rocketeer.

My background includes some experience with RC airplanes (RC Gliders) so I decided early to go for more sophisticated rockets, particularly in the area of payloads. Thus much of my effort is "gizmo" oriented; trying to shoot neat things up in the air.

This hobby generates quite a bit of information. On this site you will find one page per rocket that I have built. These pages contain all the photos, movies, and history of each of my rockets. In addition to the rocket pages, I have created pages that maintain a flight log. The flight logs contain verbal descriptions of launch conditions and photos on a per-launch-day basis.

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