These are movies of other folks' rockets, most recent first

The AeroPac N1 project
3.0 MByte MPG
Good movie of a beautiful rocket at LDRS XX. This Russian N1 featured 42 motors (mostly K's and G's), the Russian national anthem, and a Russian countdown. The flight really pleased the crowd. Click here for more details.
Kevin's Lost M1939
1.7 MByte MPG
Kevin (the Tripoli prefect), launched this rocket on an M1939. Click here for more details.
Big Yellow Rocket
1.3 MByte MPG
A movie of the biggest rocket of the weekend at this month's Ocotillo Launch. A big yellow rocket flying on an M1350 and 4 outboard I motors. Click here for more details.
1/5th Scale V2
3.3 MByte MPG
Andy Woerner's V2 flying on an M1939 at SpringFest 2000.