Friends, and links to their pages

We are so fortunate to have the good friends that we do.
Here's some friends who have setup web pages of their own ...

Mark and Maggie Mark and Maggie are good friends with which I have shared ` a number of wonderful adventures. Mark and I have played music extensively together, and he is featured on a number of my CD's. Mark is also an ordained Minister and performs many weddings in conjunction with managing the Rose Creek Cottage.
Brian Riggs Long time work buddy Brian sold all his stuff and quit his job some year and a half ago, and commenced travelling over the entire world. This entertaining weblog takes you thru Europe, Africa, and may even involve some romance :-)
Attinasi.Org Marc has a website that includes some beautiful photos of his family which he updates somewhat infrequently :-) but I still visit it to see what's up!
Bill Fridl Although I don't have a link to Bill's personal page, which I'm sure must exist somewhere, I got my hands on this link to his Grateful Dead pictures page. It's pretty darned cool!

In addition to these friends' web pages that I've been able to track down, there is also a montage on the next page that I put together some years ago showing a bunch of friends. Throughout my website you'll find pictures and stories about more of my friends.