Here's a pic of some folks I've been close to in my life.
A number of these folks are still close active friends,
and all are remembered warmly.

Steve and Ellie Le Blanc, Nancy Bailey and 92, Al Burns, Linda and Mark Cameron ... Mike Morris, John Eyerly Me Andee Deighton & Ken Huff, Al again, Golo (Ritchie) ... Robert Nance, Cindy Elder and Laurie, Marshall Clow, Cathy Kozmary & Bill Koch ... Mark Johnson, Robert Nance, Lena Lindsjo, Jim and Jill Hicke, Jack Hahn, Keith Swenson, Peter Eichhorst ... Daniel Kinn, Cathy Laurie Robert Bill Jim Kearny and Keith, DUB!, Matt Smith, Tim Hallorin, Chris Reynolds ... Pat Kingsland, Bailey again, 92 again, Smokey, Chris again, Paul, and Pat Kingsland again.