Studio - Walls

Before building the new additional interior walls, all of the surfaces, walls, and ceiling were given a layer of 1/2" drywall, with all cracks sealed with caulk.† I also had to pull the electrical sockets out so that they could be extended into the new room.† The ceiling was also given a layer of the 1/2" gray sound board since I wasnít going to re-frame it.

I then framed the interior walls. The interior walls are set in about 1/2" from the old exising walls (and their coat of drywall).† By not allowing the new walls to touch the old walls you get better sound insulation (as the sound travels through any mechanically coupled structures). Below are a couple of pictures showing the framing of the interior walls:

You can also see the finished gable drop ceilng in the 2nd photo below. Iíll explain the window work in a separate section, below, tho in that photo, you can see the framing for the closet that will be where the window used to be. After the walls were framed, I insulated them:

After the insulation was set in place, another layer of 1/2" drywall, and 2 more layers (one brown, one grey) of soundboard were added to the inside.† (My buddy Pat Kingsland helped with the framing and insulation). The grey soundboard is the final inside layer of the room.

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