The story of The House (thus far)

Here is the story of my house as it stands in February 2003. I bought the house on November 1st, 2001.

I got this house for a variety of reasons. First I wanted more space. I wanted a guest room. In the old house when guests would come over, they would have to sleep on the floor of the music studio.  I also wanted a bigger music studio. The one in the old house was 10x10; the studio in this house is 14x16. Finally, I wanted a hot tub and a big yard. So when I saw this house for sale that had the potential to become all that I wanted I snapped it up.

The picture above shows the house as it was when I moved in.  Here’s another shot that shows the backyard as it was when I moved in:

The front yard was barren and the back yard had been barely kept up, but the inside was, shall we say, kind of funky. The interior was mostly painted with pink enamel (blech!) and purple trim. The bathrooms were all different colors, including "artwork" with things like flowers and poo-bears on the walls. The living room had one green wall and one blue wall, and you could see the pink from the rest of the house.

The kitchen was a cold grey-blue enamel, and all of the appliances were old and beat up. The dishwasher was shot, the oven stank of grease, and the sink looked like someone had used it as an acid bath or to clean car parts. It was really terrible, so the very first thing I decided to do was to paint the interior and renovate the kitchen. It was kind of a hassle because I was working at the time and had to paint the interior of (a) my rental property and (b) the house I was moving out of, as well.  So I painted the interiors of 3 houses in 3 weeks of "vacation" (plus moved)!

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