Other Sailing Adventures

This page is intended to be a log of my sailing experiences that do not take place on my boat Mandala. Please see the Mandala Logs for details about her voyages!

Date Description
2005-10-04 Capri 22 with Dave and Anne.
2005-10-08 and
Cat 32 with PK, Kevin, and Anita. Rented the boat for two days, and sailed from San Diego Bay to Mission Bay on a single reach! Anita departed before sunset, and all of us motor-sailed back to S.D. Bay the next day.
2005-10-04 Cat 27 with Kevin to practice anchoring and 'larger' boat handling.
2005-10-02 Cat 25 out of Quierva Basin. About 12NM out and around in the local coastal waters, including getting to see a small school of dolphins as I was leaving the mouth of Mission Bay. They played off to port, then under, then off to starboard for 3 or 4 minutes, although I didn't get any pictures!
2005-09-16 thru
ASA 103/104 Class - 4 days, 3 nights on a Catalina 32 from San Diego Bay to Mission Bay with lots of practice, studying, and test-taking with Ralph, Steve, and our Skipper, WC Young.
2005-09-10 and
ASA 101 - 2 day Basic Keelboat class with instructor Chuck Thrasher.
2005-08-08 Capri 22 with Kevin, including Pics of Tall Ships!
2005-09-02 Capri 22
2005-08-26 Capri 22 with PK.
2005-08-19 Capri 22
2005-08-08 Capri 22 with Kevin.
2005-08-04 First Time Out in a Capri 22