Overnight on Catalina 32 with PK, Kevin, and Anita

For fun, I rented a Catalina 32 and made plans with friends to join me on an overnight sail from San Diego to Mission Bay and Back.

PK, Kevin, and Anita, joined me for the Journey. We left at about 10:00 a.m. and had a wonderful sail up to Mission Bay. The boat averaged about 4 knots on a long single tack as we made our way up the coast from Point Loma. Anita had to work that night, so we dropped her off at the Seaforth Dock in Quierva Basin, and anchored for the night in Mariners Basin.

Sailing back the next day wasn't quite as good. We actually did some MOB drills under a morning southerly breeze and then motor-sailed all the way down south of San Diego Bay as the wind died with the hare-brained idea of seeing the Coronado Islands. That plan didn't fly tho, as we were all tired and didn't want to wait until the afternoon wind kicked in, so we turned and motor sailed (mostly motor) into San Diego Bay and finally back to Coronado at about 1:00 p.m. ... just as the day's wind was starting to pick up !

It seems like perhaphs we should have waited in Mission Bay until the afternoon wind and then sailed to San Diego Bay. I knew this would happen, but also realized that no-one really wanted to hang around Mission Bay all day on the boat waiting for the afternoon wind. So we did what we could with what wind we had.

BTW, I think the rigid rental schedule also put a stress on the trip. We had to know a week ahead where and when we would be, and that was more difficult to work with than spontaneous plans. If I hadn't been concerned about getting the boat back by 6pm, then I would not have been concerned with waiting until 1-2 pm to leave Mission Bay, and we might well have enjoyed a beautiful sunset under full sail on our return voyage. Live and Learn!

Although Kevin got seasick, he recovered and was robust throughout the remainder of the journey. We had some great food that Anita prepared, and in the end everyone had a good time and remembers, I hope, the journey fondly!