The Monkey and the Baboon - Theo and the Zydeco Patrol

This is the third album I recorded with Theo and the Zydeco Patrol.

Another year rolls around and Theo is ready to go into the studio and record some new tunes. This year is filled with optimism and hope, and turning away from the bluesy feel of the previous album Theo decided to take a more humorous approach on this CD, as evidenced by the title song, The Monkey and the Baboon.

In addition to Theo on accordian and vocals, the usual cast of suspects, including Sandra Stram on violin, Victor Franklin on bass, Pat Kingsland on drums, C.J. Hutchins on guitar, and Johnny Coloccia on washboard, were all present to make this another all star effort. Also, this was my first opportunity to meet and capture some of the great work by Randy Cosby on saxaphone.

This page contains only a few of the actual songs in low-quality mp3. Be sure to visit Theo's Website where you can get the full album, find out about his current schedule, and listen to more of his music.

1. Moto Dude Zydeco 2. Louisiana Woman 3. One Love 4. Mardi Gras Mambo 5. Amazing Grace 6. Coming to Your City 7. Life's a Celebration 8. The Monkey and the Baboon 9. Need Mo' Zydeco 10. Jambalaya