Rocket #7 - Double Trouble (Dual Deployment)

  • 72" High, 3" Wide
  • 54 mm Motor Mount in base configuration
  • 5.75 lb, unloaded

Double Trouble is intended to give me a chance to try dual deployment, where a small drouge chute opens (under altimeter and/or engine ejection) at apogee, and then the main chute opens at about 700 ft. When the small chute (16") opens, the rocket falls quickly, and so doesn't drift as much with the wind. The altimiter detects when the rocket passes thru 700 ft and fires another charge, deploying a larger (4ft) main chute. In this way we minimize the distance the rocket travels away from the launch area on higher flights.

Double Trouble was built as part of the Modular Rocket System. It uses the MiniAlt25K from PerfectFlite. Most of my work on this rocket went into the electronics module, the details of which can be found by clicking on the "construction details" link, below.

Construction Details

Follow the links in the table below to see the detailed description, pictures, and movies of each flight.

DoubleTrouble Flight Log
Flight Date Engine Notes
#1 2001-07-21 #1
LDRS XX, Lucerne Dry Lake, CA
I211-M looked perfect
green x-chute kinda large for drogue
used motor ejection at apogee
fired mains like clockwork
landed gently 500 yds on western side
#2 2001-07-21 #2
LDRS XX, Lucerne Dry Lake, CA
J90L actual: 2948 ft
predicted: 2578 ft
shaved 3/16's (6 seconds)
looked perfect again
used motor ejection again at apogee
fired mains a-ok
landed 500 yds on western side
#3 2001-08-04 #2
J90L actual: 2762 ft
predicted: 2578 ft
maybe shaved too much.
early deployment
used motor ejection (again)
fired mains a-ok
Click here to see a 3.8MByte MPG of this flight.