War Medal Box

Wenge with Mahogany, Padouk, Maple, and Cherrywood inlay

For a friend's father, I decided to make this box to store his WWII memorabilia.

The box is made of Wenge, a dark African wood. I inlaid it with Mahogany, Padouk, Maple and Cherry woods. Note that there are no dyes or stains of any kinds in this (or any of my) box(es). Just a little oil and a top coat of laquer to show off the natural colors of the woods.

The box has a tray with separators and is lined with blue velvet. I lined the inside of the top as well (on a piece of cardboard) and put a plexiglass "window" inside so that he could pin his decorations to the inside of the top, and when you opened it, they wouldnt fall out or get disorganized.

I also inlaid the recipient's initials in Maple on the front of the box and had a small plaque made up at a local trophy shop that listed the basics of his service record.

The recipient was very pleased with this present. He got all misty eyed when I gave it to him, and we spent many hours drinking and telling stories about his group and squadron. I felt honored to be able to salute him in this way.

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