Rhapsody to Central America - Itinerary

Below is a table showing the major stops I've planned on the trip, and when I tentatively think I will be there. For each major stop (in light blue) there is the arrival date and the departure date for the given city. Between the major stops (in green) are a number of smaller stops, usually including at least one or two primitive anchorages. In some cases the major stops are very close together and only a day or two apart by sea. In other cases, Rhapsody will be travelling hundreds of sea-miles over multiple days, and be stopping at more than a few primitive spots in between, so please read the itinerary carefully, if you are thinking about joining us :-)

Also, it is important to note that this itinerary is tentative, and will always be that way, even though I will try to re-post it as things change and the trip progresses. Sailing, by it's very nature, dependent on the weather, is unpredictable, and I've already decided that I will never compromise safety in order to meet a schedule. Therefore, if you are planning to join Rhapsody, it will be important to be in close contact as your date approaches, and to do everything possible to remain as flexible about the specific dates for as long as possible, so plan on buying your plane tickets later, rather than earlier!

That said, I really do hope you'll get to join us on the trip, and once we've set out, we're bound to get there sooner or later, so please really do consider it !

City and Places Visited ArriveDepart
USASan Diego10/29/200710/29/2007
  Mexico: Tortuga Bay; Bahia Santa Maria
MexicoCabo San Lucas11/8/200711/12/2007
 Bahia de los Muertos
 La Paz11/16/200711/22/2007
 Islas Espiritus Santos
 Isla Isabela; San Blas; Chacala; Punta De Mita
 Puerto Vallarta12/21/20071/5/2008
 Punta Ipala; Bahia Chamela; Paraiso; Bahia Caryeys; Bahia Tenacatita; Bahia Navidad; Manzanillo
 Puerto Escondido; Puerto Angel
 Salina Cruz; Madero; Guatemala: Puerto Quetzal; El Salvador: Bahia del Sol (Jaltepeque); Bahia Jiquilisco; Nicaragua: Puesta Del Sol; San Jan Del Sur; Costa Rica: Bahia Santa Elena; Bahia Culebra
Costa RicaPlaya del Coco4/27/20085/1/2008
 Bahia Potrero; Bahia Carillo; Bahia Bellena; Islas Tortugas; Islas Cedros
 Quepos; Bahia Drake
  Panama: Isla Parida; Boca Chica; Islas Secas; Islas Coiba; Bahia Honda; Isla Otoque
PanamaPanama City7/1/20087/15/2008
 Las Perlas Islands; La Palma; Las Perlas Islands
 Panama City9/5/20089/20/2008
 Portobelo; Isla Linton; San Blas Islands; Isla Grande; Portobelo
 Bocas del Toro11/29/200812/20/2008
  USA: Fly to the USA for Christmas
 Bocas del Toro1/10/20091/31/2009
  Nicaragua: Blue Fields; Corn Islands; Columbia: Provedencia
  Mexico: Tulum; Cozumel

Finally, for those that are really, really interested, below is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet that shows a more detailed itinerary, including the specific number of miles to be travelled at sea, the specific primitive anchorages, and so on. On it, time spent at sea is in blue with a number for the miles to be travelled, time spent at anchor is in green, time spent at moorings is in orange, and time spent in marinas is in red. Anyone considering joining up on the trip should look it over ...

Click here to see an Excel Spreadsheet with the Detailed Itinerary

See ya there!