Angel Island 20 Year Reunion Camping Trip

August 22-24, 1996

I had the good fortune to spend a little time with some old friends from UCLA in the bay area, and particularly camping on Angel Island. Bill Fridl invited Chris, Matt Smith, Tim Halloran, and myself to share his campground reservations.

I flew up on Friday night and was picked up by Tim Halloran who was also there to pick up Chris. We stopped by Matt's place and drove on to Tim's house where we spent Friday night. On Saturday, we all went shopping for camping equipment and then Matt, Chris and I drove down to Santa Cruz where we threw the Frisbee-like on the beach and had a very nice dinner.

On Sunday we drove to Tiburon where we boarded the Ferry to Angel Island.

We arrived on the Island and hoofed our stuff the mile or so to the campsight. It was really cool. Angel Island is a tourist, roller blading, bicycle riding place during the day, but at 5:00 the last tourists leave on the Ferry and the only ones left are the occupants of the nine campsites on the Island.

The campsites are divided into three campgrounds with three campsites each. What was really nice was that Bill had reserved three campsites toghether, so we had a campground all to ourselves.

The views from the Island were spectacular. As you walked around the island, you could see Oakland and Berkely, the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco Skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County to the North.

The weather was wonderful, and the evening fog did little more than insulate us from the outside world.

We drank (Tim!), played games, hiked, cooked and ate some good food, and in general had a wonderful time.