Further Festival, August 4, 1996, Pheonix

The Further Festival was, for those who don't know, a concert series put on by several members of the now truly Grateful Dead along with a number of other musicians and bands. It was great.

Hot Tuna, Los Lobos, and Bruce Hornsby added to the general show which largely was intended to feature Bob Weir and RatDog, as well as the Mickey Hart Mystery Box. Personally (perhaps it was a timing thing), I think I enjoyed Bruce about the best ... he unashamedly played a Medley of Dead Tunes which people in the audience really dug. Then there was an all acoustic version of Uncle Johns Band with everybody from all five bands playing. Fun!

I got a chance to see my sister, Frances. We got suites at one Hilton Pheonix for $69, and then pooled and jacuzzied at another one across town. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the Further Festival, but I did steal the logo above to make my page look better!