Island Time Drifters Photos - 2009

During 2009 we hit our stride, doing over 50 gigs in just about every venue in Bocas Del Toro and one in the San Blas Islands!!

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... Sure looks kike everyone was having a great time! Makes he homesick for warm weather and the smell of the ocean...

Thanksgiving Gig at the West Hollendaise Keys, San Blas Islands (Kuna Yala), Panama, on the way to Cartagena, Colombia (Vera Karmebäck probably took the picture, inasmuch as that is Emilia in the lower right of the photo) ... we played for about 30 cruisers and 10-15 Kuna :-)

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... Nice! Who were the 3 others?

... I tagged Camilla (lower left) and Vera (lower right), and the mysterious third entity ... is not the girl ... I tagged the whole photo with the new entity "The Island Time Drifters" :-) ... I guess until you "like" the Island Time Drifters page, which I have not yet invited anyone to see, you cannot see the other tags, or something like that ... hope you're having a nice day .. PL& H!

... Cool! Who took the photo?

... Looks like a great eveing indeed! :)

... Looks like Patrick just set the hut on fire.

... So, it wasn't Elsa, and it wasn't Vera ...

... The infamous San Blas trip?

... The infamous Cartagena trip ... where was born the Rhapsody boat saying: "It's more fun if you survive to tell about it" :-) ...

... LOL, it was messy. It started around sunset and about 10:30 we started to wrap it up. The Kuna man who was managing the "restaurant", for lack of a better word, got really drunk. He had asked how long we were going to play, and I said, without thinking "all night" ... meaning for the whole event. He thought I meant until sunrise lol.

... So, after all the cruisers left, he got angry and chased me, andy, and the girls off the island, threatening to shoot us as we scurried to grab cables and instruments in the dark and throw them in the dinghy's. LOL. Ya had to be there ...

... It was a remarkable adventure and great memory :-)

... Sounds great indeed - in surviving hindsight! Must have been fun to be back on Rhapsody to celebrate your successful escape. :)

... Ai Camilinha... Como lembro de vc toda vez que a emoção me engole dentro do assentamento... Muita luz p vc coisa linda da terra!!!!

... Looking at al camila people, you miss when it comes to Brazil?