The town

It didn't take long to fall into the scene in Bocas Del Toro. We arrived on Monday, December 15th, and took a slip in the Bocas Marina. It was windy when we arrived, so we had pointed RHAPSODY headfirst into the slip, which made coming and going difficult, as we had to board over the lifelines off of the bow, so on Tuesday morning, when it was calm, with the aid of several dock workers, we turned her around, stern to the dock, so that we could just step off the swimstep and be on our way. Very nice after only having the dinghy for the last few months to access shore.

We spent the first few days in Bocas just recuperating from the passage and enjoying the luxuries of the marina. Having dinner most nights in the marina restaurant, we met and chatted with a number of cruisers who were staying here or at the nearby anchorage. We made nearly daily dinghy/water taxi runs into town to check in with the port captain, re-provision, and walk and look around.

Bocas from the water
Bocas Town