Last days in San Ignacio de Tupile

When we got back to RHAPSODY that night, we were filled with the excitement of the day. We sat up most of the evening talking about everything that we'd seen and experienced on the island. It is hard to explain the feeling of being here. We were clearly the only two "gringos" on the island for the last couple of days. With no cars, much less roads; with largely only dugout canoes, fish from the ocean, and the sweat of their brows, these people have built institutions and society from nothing more than jungle and coconuts. They are happy because they believe in this special life they have built. It is so different from anything that we've experienced that words have a hard time doing it justice.

Because of inclement weather, specifically the fact that it rained and was windy, we spent the following two days at anchor off Tupile doing boat chores and writing webpages so that you could share this experience with us.

I hope you enjoy it!