and back to ... Nargana ...

So, we headed back through the Eden Pass, down the Mayflower Channel, and towards the east. It was really nice for most of the morning and afternoon, as we were, for the first time in ages, able to turn the motor off and sail. It was really cool to sail a tight course through the islands and reefs and still make a good 4-5 knots all day long, covering the 25 miles or so in about 6 hours. At one point some dolphins came over to the boat and playfully swam up at the bow for a few minutes. But, by the time we got back near Nargana, it had started to rain and visibility was becoming limited, so we put the sails away and motored.

In the end, even though we had wanted to go to someplace new, like Isla Tigre, only 5 miles past Nargana, because the weather was so inclement, we decided to just return to Nargana, a place we knew and had good GPS tracks to. As we pulled into the anchorage at Nargana, who should we see but BLUE SKY at anchor there. The rains let up a little at about 5:00 pm, and Breeze and Debbie came over for a beer and a short chat, but then the rains came on heavy, preventing them from leaving RHAPSODY until about 9:00 p.m., at which time, in spite of the rain, getting soaked in the process, they finally had to dinghy the 100 yards or so back to their boat.

We spent just the one night in Nargana. It was ironic that it had taken us 5 days and nights to get our Visas renewed, just to return here. The next morning, Thursday, November 26th, we were really anxious to be on our way, so we left BLUE SKY and Nargana and headed east.