Back to Porvenir to Renew our Visas

After 5 nights, on Tuesday the 25th, we went back to Porvenir to renew our visas. We got there early, about 8:00 am, and to our relief and satisfaction, found the immigration guy, Ricardo, in his office and ready for business. In a short 5-10 minutes, he had stamped our visas and we were ready to go. Since we had gotten done with immigration so quickly, we decided to take an hour or so to visit, by dinghy, the nearby island village of Wichibhuala for some provisions and a quick exploration. Winding through the narrow dirt paths between the huts, we found the well-stocked Abarroteria (with a tabletop Xmas tree and lots of brightly colored patterned fabric for the Kuna ladies skirts, blouses, and scarves), bought canned juice and milk, paper towels, orange punch and M&Ms, ran into Nestor again, and said hello while we were there. By 10:00 am, we were back on RHAPSODY and had upped anchor from Porvenir, anxious to get out to the eastern part of the San Blas that we had not visited yet.