Before we knew it, we had spent a week at Espiritu Santo. On our last night here, we were invited to go over to AQUASTRIAN for dinner. It was a nice evening when we went over there. Relaxing with beers, Denis and I pulled the guitars out and strummed a few tunes, as the girls chatted before dinner. Michele opened with a killer Sweet Potato Soup (with Cashews) and the main course was a Mushroom and Vegetable Peanut Curry that everyone enjoyed greatly.

After dinner, we chatted some more with Denis and Michele, about sailing life and early learning-curve "disasters". They were really nice people and it was a little sad to think that we might not run into them again, at least for a long while. They are leaving from Espiritu Santo to return north to Costa Rica where their boat will be shipped in Oct. via Dockwise back to Vancouver, B.C., where they need to take time off from cruising to work for a while.

As the evening wound down, we gave heartfelt fare-thee-wells, exchanged email addresses and promised to stay in touch. Finally we made our way off of AQUASTRIAN into our dinghy, spotlight in hand, to return to our boat under a clear night sky filled with stars. The next morning, Sunday, August 31st, we got up and made RHAPSODY ready to depart for our next stops, the mainland village of San Miguel and the anchorage at Isla Ampon.