Further Explorations at Espiritu Santo

Over the next few days, we really kicked back and did whatever we wanted to do. I went fishing in the dinghy a number of times, while and did several explorations ashore, both on the mainland of Isla Del Rey, as well as around Isla Mamey and Espiritu Santo itself.

I was hoping to get this Mahi-Mahi that Ernie on LAUREN GRACE claimed to have seen swimming in the anchorage, but it didn't work out that way. I did manage to catch four fish one afternoon, 2 Groupers and 2 TriggerFish, which were pretty good eating, but by and large most of the hours I spent fishing were spent just enjoying the surroundings while putting around on the dinghy.

On our third or fourth day there, our good friends Bruce and Marianne on GALLIVANT and Gene, Vici, and Fiona on CARAVAN pulled into the anchorage, fresh from Islas Mogo-Mogo and Gibraleon. It didn't take long before we had made a plan for everyone to get together on RHAPSODY.

Further Explorations