Jam with Frank on WINDSONG

After we got back to the boat from snorkeling, I started to set up for the jam. I'd jammed with Frank acoustically before in Panama City, so decided to set up the amps for this jam on RHAPSODY. The weather turned a little grey and we wondered if the jam would get called off. But at 4:00, as it started to sprinkle, Frank showed up, and right behind him Denis and Michele from AQUASTRIAN came up in their dinghy and came aboard just before it started raining. Everyone liked our "full enclosure" cockpit (canvas roof/clear vinyl walls) as we stayed comfy and (mostly) dry and were still able to jam and use the amps. It rained off and on throughout the evening as Frank and I traded tunes. After awhile I played some bass, too. Denis, who plays a bit, joined in on guitar, then I traded back to him, letting him try the bass for a bit.

The jam was fun, even if it did get a little out-of-hand. At one point I juiced up an effects device and was playing screaming electric guitar, funky wah-wah riffs, and making other deviant sounds while Frank pounded away the rhythm on such classics as Stairway to Heaven and Feelin Alright. Everyone had a pretty good time, and by the time it broke up around 9:00 pm, the rain had let up enough so that no-one had to get too wet on the ride home.