Exploring Boca Chica and Hiking Isla Ventana with Ariana

After our big lunch, there was no need for dinner, so we had a few snacks and watched a DVD movie that evening. On Tuesday we took the dinghy back to Boca Chica to check out the town and get some provisions. The local tienda was pretty small and, among other things, we bought all the beer they had (3 six packs)! We checked out the gas station and quickly determined that there was no diesel fuel available. It only took us about 1/2 hour to walk the entire little village and so, after that we loaded our stuff on DITTY and made our way the 2 miles or so back to Rhapsody.

That evening, to reciprocate all of the hospitality that was flying around, we invited Bill and Ariana over to Rhapsody for dinner. We picked them up in the dinghy, and brought them over. We made some wonderful Skipjack Brochettes and had cocktails and more conversation. I even broke the guitar out and played a few tunes.

Wednesday, at an invitation by Ariana, we decided to do a little hiking exploration of Isla Ventana, so we took the dinghy ashore and met Ariana who showed us around the island. Although we could hear the troop of Howler Monkeys, we never got to see them. Ariana served as a fine guide and showed us Bill's grandfather's homestead as well as many interesting plants and flowers as we traversed the island. There were several breathtaking vistas of the local beaches and nearby islands from the high cliffs on Ventana.

Exploring Boca Chica and hiking Isla Ventana with Ariana