Last Day in Santa Elena

Our last day in Santa Elena we decided to go snorkeling at Tooth Rock near the entrance to the bay. The snorkeling was good, if not spectacular. The water was warm and visibility was pretty good, although there were a number of very small jellyfish about. I got a few minor stings, but they weren't serious enough to make me stop swimming as I took pictures of the various fish swimming to and fro.

We got back to the boat before noon, had lunch, and did a number of boat chores to get ready for our next short passage to Playa del Cocos, where we will check into Costa Rica officially. I charted out our course, checked the weather using the SSB and email, printed up copies of our ships documents, passports, and crew lists for the check in proces, and checked the oil in the engine and genset, adding a quart to the engine as it was a bit low. We made a nice Spaghetti Dinner and ate al fresco to (yet another) beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow morning we will get up bright and early as we plan to leave Santa Elena at 5-6 am so as to arrive in Coco at noon in plenty of time to go ashore and check in with the officials there.