Snorkeling at Playa Entrega

After two nights in Tangolunda, we decided to head back to the Marina. On the way back, we stopped by Playa Entrega, a nice little beach in the main bay of Huatulco, dropped the anchor, and did a little snorkeling for fun. After two days of cleaning the bottom, it was nice to just laze around and look at the fish and urchins!

After getting our fill of snorkeling, we pulled up anchor and returned to the Marina, where we safely tied up once again, on the first day of spring.

So far, we've been a little over a week in Huatulco. It's really a nice place and should definitely be on the cruiser's "must see" list. We'll probably stay here another couple of weeks, maybe take a trip inland (to the city of Oaxaca) for a bit, maybe explore more of the surrounding bays, before checking out of Mexico from here to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec and explore some other countries in Central America.

Snorkeling Pics