Two nights in Bahia Tangolunda

After six days and nights in the Marina, we decided to check out one of the nearby bays. Several boats took advantage of a weather window and departed to cross the Tehuantepec. Our heads were getting full and it seemed like a good idea to make fresh water, so we got up early-ish on Monday, March 17th, slipped RHAPSODY's lines and took her out.

After emptying the heads three miles out, we went over to the nearby bay of Tangolunda, about 2 miles away,which is very, very pretty. Although not primitive, the way they have done the architecture on the 5-6 hotels there seemed to actually enhance, rather than detract from, the natural beauty of the bay.

As soon as we got the anchor down, we decided to go for a swim; the water was great ... nice and warm, and pretty clear. This lead to the inspiration to clean the bottom of the boat. So we actually ended up spending about 3 hours each day in the water, with masks and snorkels, cleaning the accumulated barnacles and living grunge off of RHAPSODY's bottom. It was kind of hard work, particularly diving down the 6 feet to the bottom of the keel and rudder, to scrape a square foot or so and then resurface. RHAPSODY is much bigger under the water than first meets the eye!

It was a good thing that we decided to clean the bottom, because the Zinc on the propeller was completely wasted and needed to be replaced, which I did in a series of about 10 dives - Dive, unscrew a screw, surface. Dive, unscrew another screw, surface. DON'T DROP THE SCREW! Dive, remove the zinc, surface, swim to back of boat, deposit zinc, get new one. You get the picture.

While in Tangolunda, SOUTHERN BELLE came in and anchored with us. We were tucked into the northwest corner of the bay, about 150 yards off of the Las Brisas hotel, which used to be a Club Med. During the day, quite a few little tour boats came by and oogled RHAPSODY, and we had several conversations with various tourists, largely Canadian, that came by on kayaks. In the afternoon was when the jet-skis broke out, and as annoying as they are, the soft hills of Tangolunda (and a few beers!) seemed to lessen their impact.

The first night there, George invited us over to SOUTHERN BELLE for cocktails and a jam. He even came and picked us up in his dinghy! We went over to their boat where I had some nice rum and cokes. George and I played a few tunes, while the girls chatted. He had wanted to learn "Friend of the Devil", so I showed him how that went. Then he played some Jerry Jeff Walker tunes (Mr. Bojangles) and we all sang "Iko Iko". Even 7& 1/2 yr old Joshua, with a bona-fida Fender mini-Squire, joined in the musical fun!

It took us two full days to clean the bottom, and each night we slept like babies from being in the sun and water all afternoon.