Puerto Marques

From the anchorage/mooring at Acapulco, we decided to go over to nearby Puerto Marques for a few days to check it out, test the new, repaired windlass and gather our breath before the long leg down to Puerto Angel.

So, at about 10:00 am, on Saturday March 8, 2008, we slipped our mooring and motored away from Acapulco. We went about 3 miles offshore and emptied our heads, which were getting full, before pulling into beautiful Puerto Marques bay, where we spent two nights. The repaired windlass worked fine, and it was very peaceful here, particularly at night. During the day, as it was a weekend, there seemed to be a constant stream of jet-skis tour pangas, banana boats, and water skiers passing close to Rhapsody. We thought the snorkeling might be good, so we donned the gear and swam about 75 yards to an outcropping of rocks just off our stern, but were disappointed by the lack of visibility due, probably once again, to the constant stream of fast moving boats in the area, so we didn't see anything of note and swam right back to the boat.

After two nights in Puerto Marques we were ready to leave the Acapulco area and resume Rhapsody's Adventure to Central America.