Over to Ixtapa Marina

We used Thursday to do some boat chores and on Friday we moved RHAPSODY over to Marina Ixtapa. Apart from the fact that they only allow folks to enter or leave the marina before 8:30 am, between 12:30 and 1:30 pm, and after 5:30 pm, due to the constant dredging required to keep the channel open, we were pleasantly surprised by Marina Ixtapa.

It was reasonably priced and very clean. In fact, we were thrilled to take our first land-based showers since La Cruz, and the best ones we had had since we moved out of our house in San Diego. Although the showers on RHAPSODY are adequate, they're nothing like the powerful streams of seemingly limitless hot water that we revelled in at the marina.

The weathervane on the top of the mast had broken when a bird had sat on it So on Saturday morning, while still a little sniffly, and with a bit of a hangover to boot, I got to climb to the top of our 50' mast and replace the weathervane. At first I tried to pull myself up, arm over arm, using the 4:1 tackle on our bosun's chair, but when I got about halfway up and was already winded and sweating, I decided it would be better to get some help. Fortunately a couple of guys were working on the boat next to us and I offered them $20 to help me out, which they accepted. So they actually hoisted me to the top of the mast, where it only took a few minutes to change the weather vane. I should have, but didn't, bring my camera, because it would have made a great photograph, and I don't know when I'll get up the mast again.

In any event, once the weathervane was fixed, I started feeling a lot better. We washed the filthy boat, then went out to a sunset dinner at one of the fine restaurants next to the marina on Saturday night, and spent Sunday just lounging around on the boat. I needed the day off and it was nice to do nothing for a whole day!

On Monday morning, we took RHAPSODY over to the fuel dock and filled her up and then returned her to the slip. Our plan was to depart Ixtapa for Acapulco the next morning before the 8:30 am dredging deadline.

Ixtapa Images