Daytrip to Manzanillo

I spent most of the next day, Friday, making the web page for Barra. As we were having beers on the boat on Friday night, a guy came by in a dinghy from one of the other boats in the anchorage, ADVENTURE. His name was Dave and he told us that he had heard of RHAPSODY and had been told that he "had to get together with them for a jam". He also was friends with our original dockmates from San Diego, the MERRY ROWES, so we had him aboard for beers and made a date for a jam the following day (on Saturday).

In the meantime, we had decided to leave Las Hadas on Sunday morning very early (like 5:00 am), so as to time the next leg to Z-Town so that we would arrive during daylight. So, on Saturday I decided to rest up for the jam with Dave and the early rise the following days.

Although Manzanillo was interesting, it was a somewhat dirty, definitely crowded, and busy place. Below are photos from the exploration. On the return trip, Dave came over to jam.

I got the amps out, and we traded tunes on Guitar and Bass. Dave was a little bit tipsy when he arrived and probably not in his best form as we struggled a bit to get thru the tunes. But, in spite of the fact that it was perhaps not the best jam I had in Mexico, it was still fun, and we messed around for several hours before wrapping it up at 8:00 or so. Then we put the amps and guitars away, had a brief bite to eat, and got ready for our early departure the next morning.

Images from Day Trip to Manzanillo