Days 11 & 12, Wed and Thu - Fill Fuel, Final Provisions and Departure

Finally, it was time to prepare to leave Barra. We got up early on Wednesday, pulled up the anchor, and took RHAPSODY over to the fuel dock and filled her up with diesel fuel. We had a few minor grounding incidents on the way to the fuel dock, which unfortunately we had to make at low tide. Then, after returning to the lagoon and re-anchoring, we took the water taxi into town for one last provisioning run into Barra. We stopped by Beer Bob's Book Exchange, where I traded 10 books I had read for 10 books I had not yet read, then we had a nice early dinner at at a restaurant named Los Arcos de Jalisco. After that, we went to a grocery store and loaded up two backpacks worth of canned veggies, refried beens, and for me, chocolate and DEET, then went to the Carneceria (Butcher), where I had 5 nice ribeye steaks cut to order, and finally, on the way back to the water taxi, we stopped by the Pescaderia (Fish Market), where we picked up some nice Dorado fillets and a kilo of large Camarrones (shrimp).

On Thursday, January 31, we got up early at 6:00 am, pulled up the anchor, and were underway by 6:30, leaving Barra de Navidad bound for Las Hadas.