Day 10, Tuesday - To Golf Course for Late Breakfast and Building Webpages

Now that TICA and ANGLEFISH (Bill and Frosty) had left town, there were no easy jams to be had, so we changed from night lifers to day lifers. We got up fairly early on Tuesday (say 8:00 am), and took the dinghy over to the Grand Hotel's Golf Course and Clubhouse where we had heard you could get a nice, reasonably priced, breakfast.

The golf course was absolutely beautiful and we took a bunch of pictures, and got a scorecard. The breakfast was as good as advertised and the clubhouse was absolutely beautiful and elegant, and air-conditioned to boot. It was a nice change to be in such civilized surroundings.

When we got back to the boat around noon, I spent the rest of the day beginning to build these web-pages. After all, it has to be done some time, and I had not done any pages since Chamela, so I was getting behind.

At sunset we put the dinghy away, which it turned out had to be cleaned as it had quite a bit of sea life on it after being in the water for 9-10 days. After that, we had dinner and that night watched a DVD (Bruce Willis in Live Free& Die Hard). It was a nice break to do something "normal" for an evening, he he he.