Day 4, Wednesday - Boat Chores and To Colimilla

After only three days in Barra, we could already see that we were going to be very busy in this little town. Wednesday, we had some boat chores to do, so we did those, then took our trash and laundry into the little village of Colimilla, on the side of the lagoon. After dropping the clothes off at the Lavandaria, we stopped at Fortino's restaurant and had a very nice lunch. We also purchased a weeks worth of internet service from them ($45), which although pricy, worked well and was necessary for me to take care of some financial business on the boat. It was the first time we've had to pay for internet access, as everywhere else we've been we've managed to find free hotspots.

Back on RHAPSODY we took it pretty easy the rest of the day, had a nice little dinner and sunset cocktails on the boat.