Final Sights of La Cruz

In between the engine repairs and all of the music and drinking, we also got to spend time exploring La Cruz, and every day seemed to bring some new discovery or additional pleasure. As we would walk to town we would take in the work going on all around us at the marina. It was constantly changing, and it seemed like each day a new building or street would appear. And as we walked thru the town itself, we were constantly charmed by it's character and the people that we would meet along the way, always exchanging pleasantries, always smiling.

Other notable experiences over our stay included a nice dinner on Mike's boat, SNOW GOOSE, prepared by Mary and Bonnie, with good new friends Eric and Glenn, and Glenn's friend Judy. And no description of our visit to La Cruz would be complete without a mention of Douglas, from FANDANGO, who, had a birthday party on the dock that everyone enjoyed. In addition to circumnavigating around the world something like 15 times and being the most respected old-salt on the docks, Douglas told everyone the story of how he had been sitting on a beach on some remote island at one of his previous birthday parties, and this guy was playing guitar by the campfire so well that Douglas told him he should consider a career in music. The guy chuckled and said "do you really think so?" ... and it turned out to be Eric Clapton, LOL!

There was also a lovely beach that we had a chance to visit, and the time we met with Tom and Heidi from INCAHOOTS, and walked around town and visited Hikuri, a restaraunt who's name means "peyote" in Huichol, and at which we met Wendy, an artist, and at which we saw a lot of great Huichol art. We had dinner with Tom and Heidi, Tad and Tina from IMAGINE, and several other couples. And personally, I'd also have to mention Scruf, Hock's dog, who was the nicest friendliest dog around, and who got her first sea legs when we took Hock and Tequila Dudley out on a daysail on RHAPSODY once for an afternoon.

We left our signature on the wall at Ana Banana's. Oh and did I mention that Tequila Dudley is a world renowned sculptor, with many works spread throughout the Pacific Northwest? Click Here to check out his webpage! As a final parting present, he gave us a small sculpture that he had carved recently that he called "one of the hangover series". It hangs proudly in the galley on RHAPSODY.

Clearly, we loved and were very touched by La Cruz, and all of the good times we had and the wonderful people we met. So it was with real sadness that we finally got RHAPSODY ready for sea again and slipped the lines and bade this little piece of paradise farewell.

Final images of La Cruz