New Years at the Bucerias Garden

As I'd mentioned before, Nick and Hock had invited me to join them at a paying gig for New Years Eve at a restaurant/bar called The Bucerias Garden, in the next town south of La Cruz, which is called Bucerias. Together with a Canadian drummer we had met named Bill, from the boat TICA, who happened to have a full trapset on his boat, we were collectively called Los Locos Pelos Largos, which translates into "The Crazy Long Hairs" he he he.

We used the Sunday jam at Ana Banana's (my second) as a rehearsal, as well as pulling off one more rehearsal during the day on New Years Eve. Then at 6:30, Nick drove his well-used Subaru station wagon over to the marina and picked up Bill, his wife Joanne, the crew, and myself and ferried us, and our equipment, over to Bucerias for the gig.

The night was surprisingly frio (cold) as the temperature dropped into the upper 60's. Brrrr :-) But good spirits were all around and so we were kept warm by them. As part of the deal, Nick had arranged that all of our food and drinks would be free, and so we all ordered something to eat off the menu.

We were just a little surprised when the food turned out to be gourmet quality and gorgeous in its presentation. I had a New York steak over a blue-cheese ravioli that was out of this world, the knife practically falling through each bite of the delicious meat, and we were making happy noises and dancing in with each bite.

Then, about 9:30, it was time for the Band to play. Nick pulled us aside and told us that he and Hock had been offered the regular Thursday thru Saturday slot, along with a pay raise, and so we had to play extra good!

As soon as we started the first song, the crowd started getting into it, and by the third song, everyone in the place was either dancing, or drinking, or both! They were loving the music and the night was turning magical around us. There was a wedding party consisting of 19 people, and they were all taking turns swinging the bride around and dancing with the mom and so on.

Our second set started about 11:00 and we stopped at about 11:30 for the bride to throw the bouquet and the groom to throw the garter. Then a few more tunes as everyone in the place got ready for the countdown.

Just before midnight, Pepsi and Tim, the owners, got up and thanked the crowd and the staff for coming to the party, then Hock led everone in the countdown. At the stroke of midnighteveryone was yelling and making noise, with fireworks going off in the air all around Banderas Bay.

When we started the third set, the people really got into it. Hock did this original of his called Drink and Drive, where he says that he wants to do all these bad things, like shoot holes in highway signs, and the chorus is "I wanna Drink and Drive", and everyone in the crowd was shouting it at the same time! I did Not Fade Away to a similarly energetic crowd of dancers, and when we did Sympathy for the Devil, the Stone's Tune, and everyone in the place was shouting "Woo Woo" at that one point, Nick and I looked at each other and just started laughing! It was so much fun!

Finally, after all the celebrating, at about 2:30 am, we packed up the equipment, and Nick paid us (yes, that's right, I got paid for this LOL), and then valoriously drove us back to La Cruz, leaving Hock and the PA for a second trip.

What a great time!