To Cardonal Cove, Isla Partida, Espiritu Santos Islands

A short 5 hour sail (27.8 nm) from La Paz, which we left at 8:00 am (after PK's futile search for his lost sunglasses), we arrived at El Cardonal Cove, on Isla Partida, which is part of the Islas Espiritu Santos group. We had looked forward to visiting this island since I had read about it in "Islands" magazine at Chris and Liz's house in Vermont while visiting before the trip.

We passed up Partida Cove, our initial planned destination, after finding it "too crowded" with 4 or 5 large motor boats in the water and a line of 10-12 tents with campers on shore.

On the way to El Cardonal Cove