5 days and 4 nights in Marina De La Paz

We spent 4 nights and 5 days at the Marina de La Paz. Although they need no advertising, I have to say that it was the friendliest and nicest place to stay in La Paz. The slips were very reasonable (approx $30/night), the showers clean, free wi-fi internet access, and a great little restaurant on premises where we had a few meals and many drinks!

While in La Paz, we took advantage of the services of Yoldanda of "The Paperworks" to get our Tourist Visas and TIP (Temporary Importation Permit). She made the process painless, especially as otherwise we would have had to bus or taxi to 3-4 places 20 miles apart. After a short interview, she accompanied us to the immigration office where we got our 180 day visas, and the next day delivered the TIP to us promptly at the appointed time. Highly recommended.

Also while in La Paz, we took advantage of the on-premises self-service Laundry to do a whopping 4 loads of clothes and towels (and PK did one of his own too!), and we made several provision runs and did some boat work, most notably, taking the "battery combiner" apart and fixing it by soldering some melted wires back into place. Finally the boat's engine battery charging system was working again, we were well fed and rested, and the world was a good place!

On Tuesday they had a parade celebrating the beginning of the Mexican Revolution which was really fun to watch. Half the town turned out to see the parade (and I think the other half was in the parade!). We took care of some last minute paperwork on Tuesday (port fees and checking into the port officially with the Capitan De Puerto), before preparing to depart La Paz for Espiritu Santos.

We had a great time in La Paz and highly recommend it to other yachtistas as well as general tourists. Much nicer than Cabo San Lucas with none of the overt tourist come-ons. Just a genuine proud Mexican city, untainted, if you will, by the presence of gringos.